5 Cool Kickstarters You Need To Check Out Today

Moft Invisible Laptop Stand
moft-invisible-laptop-standA major share of office users often face neck and shoulder pain because laptops, although convenient and compact to use, don’t offer the best viewing angles. The Moft Invisible Laptop Stand aims to solve this problem. This Kickstarter project brings a unique solution which offers a lightweight, portable and convenient design to the forefront, that’s easy to use for every user.

Product Highlights

  • Equipped with reliable glue, the nearly invisible stand sticks firmly to your laptop
  • It weighs just 2.3 Oz and has a thickness of 1/9” making it the most subtle laptop accessory
  • Capable of withstanding weights up to 18 lbs, making it ideal for laptops of all sizes and even heavier ones
  • Designed for 15.6-inch laptops and smaller display sizes
  • Moft laptop stand uses built-in magnets to flip the stand open and close
  • Offers two different angles to choose from to find your ideal position when working

The Moft Invisible Laptop Stand is an accessory for all types of usage scenarios including office use, traveling, gaming and writing. If you want a convenient stand that is not too bulky to carry around, the Moft stand ideally fits the requirement. It can even be peeled off and attached to a new laptop on the fly.

The product will be officially priced at $24 when it comes to stores and is available for $19 as part of the Kickstarter campaign. A family pack of four can be purchased for just $56 so that multiple members in the home can use it for office or school as required.         

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Genius Pack Supercharged: A Smarter Carry on Luggage
Genius-Pack-Supercharged-Smart-Carry-on-LuggageThe people behind Genius Pack Aerial Carry On have come up with an even better innovative idea, a backpack for travel that could charge your phone, keep your clothing arranged, has its own checklist and many more features to make that trip memorable and comfortable.

Traveling is not easy in this technology-driven world where you have half-a-dozen gadgets from smartphones to smartwatches to be charged. Besides, you also need a way to take notes and arrange your belongings in a way they are readily accessible rather than unpacking your entire backpack.

Product Highlights

  • Equipped with a large 10,000 mAh removable power pack
  • Convenient 3-in-1 charging green cable to easily charge all your different devices
  • Large, individual compartments to categorize and store your belongings to easily retrieve them
  • Informative checklist embedded onto the sides
  • Mesh design that is expandable and can comfortably hold large objects
  • External USB ports for easy connectivity
  • Genius Pack Supercharged has a 5-year warranty period
  • Available in Matte White, Jet Black and Rose Gold color variants

An excellent idea brought to life, Genius Pack Supercharged aims to make your travel plans less cumbersome and it does have a series of ideas bundled into one giant package. The airline approved power pack and external ports ensure you can charge your devices anytime.

The individual compartments remove the hassle of losing your smaller accessories deep into the back. There’s also a separate compartment area for clothes to be sent to the laundry so that they don’t mix with your fresh clothes. A robust design fit for all kinds of travel and materials that don’t get worn out easily allow the manufacturer to give buyers a solid warranty period that justifies the price tag of $199.

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Xeric Watches

Xeric watches are innovative smartwatches that don’t use OLED displays or smartphone notifications but showcase time in an all-new style. Xeric watches are available in two different models, the Cypher Automatic and Decypher Automatic and it stands true to its name.

For people who love to stand out, the Cypher Automatic makes use of grill cutouts and laser cutouts to individually display the hours and minutes with a colorful hand. The second model is more conventional and easy to read as you would do on any watch.

Product Highlights

  • A brand new design in which the hours are all displayed on top with stylish cutouts for numbers
  • Minutes are at the bottom of the dial in a grill, laser cutout design with highlighted colors
  • Powered by Miyota movements
  • Both products are made in Japan and are limited edition variants with their respective numbers engraved on it
  • Watch straps are made using high-quality Horween made leather
  • Sapphire glass top ensures it is resistive to scratches and fingerprint  
  • Manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty period

Made of high-quality metals and sapphire glass, the Cypher and Decypher are both ecstatic to look at with a brand new design that splits hours and minutes in a unique way. The straps are comfortable to wear for long hours and can be instantly swapped by using the intuitive lock mechanism in the watches.

The watches are available in different colored variants including black red, blue orange, black yellow and rose gold. Equipped with distinct colors, you can easily view the time in bright daylight and even in pitch black conditions with illuminated markers. Xeric watches deliver a fine blend of style and uniqueness.

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Little Sophia by Hanson Robotics

Little Sophia is a high-tech robotic toy designed for young kids aged between 7 and 13. The robot toy helps young minds understand the concept of STEM subjects, the power of artificial intelligence and its implications in the modern world along with sharpening their basic coding skills.

An all-in-one package, Little Sophia has received an immense response in the Kickstarter campaign and is the toy for future kids who need to understand the robotic world that has been slowly but steadily evolving.

Product Highlights

  • Sophia is 14”-inch tall and has a friendly face to make kids feel comfortable playing with
  • A toy that can do a variety of activities like walking, talking, dancing and telling jokes
  • Integrated with facial tracking and sensors
  • Made to teach kids aged 7-13, the basics of STEM, AI and coding
  • Easy to program using Blockly and Python for tech-savvy parents
  • Versatile components allow Sophia to show different facial expressions as it understands speakers with AI

Sophia, the Robot, is fully compatible and can be controlled using its companion app on Android and iOS. It can interact with users and teach young girls, boys on how to code. It is powered by lithium-ion batteries. An entire team of enthusiastic scientists from Hanson Robotics has worked together to bring Sophia to the Kickstarter campaign and make it into a real life, learning toy for all.

Aimed at young girls, the futuristic toy can make learning fun as they understand the concept of mathematics, science, engineering and arts through fun games, songs and lots of interactive conversations. The humanoid robot makes use of internet and pre-installed lessons to teach children a lot of new things through simple, fun sessions.

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Doogee S90 – The Most Versatile Unbreakable Smartphone
Doogee-S90-smartphoneWhen smartphones are becoming slimmer and fragile with lesser ports, the Doogee S90 aims to create the most versatile and unbreakable smartphone. The modular design is a concept explored by major manufacturers but Doogee has brought it into reality. You could customize the phone the way you want it to be.

You can choose from a range of modular components such as night vision camera, an additional power module, walkie talkie attachment or a gamepad for seamless gaming on the go.

Product Highlights

  • The entire phone is completely covered by a rugged, rubberized material which improves grip and protection
  • Features a large 6.18-inch full HD display
  • A large battery capacity of 5050 mAh ensures all-day battery life and adds another day to it
  • Powered by Helio P60 octa-core processor
  • Powerful and rugged with IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD-810G certifications
  • Supports 10W fast wireless charging  

The Doogee S90 aims to be a robust phone that could last years and also comes with a much cheaper price tag of $299. You can choose to pay more to get an additional module such as a gamepad or power module to make the phone more productive than it already is.

The phone can operate for two days on a single charge and you get two more days with the power module. It drastically changes the way people operate phones these days. The bulky design will ensure the safety of the display even if you were to accidentally drop the phone. This innovative phone finally puts an end to most smartphone problems and brings in improved user experience.

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