75 Years of DC Comics: Must Use Super Strength To Lift

Never bought another printed book since you got yourself a Kindle?  You might want to change up your digital-only predilections for this one tome: 75 Years of DC Comics.

A massive hardcover both in number of pages (720) and dimensions (it’s 18.4 inches tall and 13.5 inches wide), this one could very well be the biggest book in your shelf.  That is, if it even fits in your shelf.   Even then, that’s if your puny human arms can lift it to a shelf, since the damn thing weighs a hefty 15.9 lbs. (talk about “heavy” reading).

Published by specialty bookmakers, Taschen, 75 Years of DC Comics is billed as the “single most comprehensive book on DC Comics.”  With that size, we doubt anyone will argue.  Inside, you get access to over 2,000 images and artwork that include comic book covers and interior pages, original illustrations, film stills and various types of DC-related collectibles.

Long-time DC writer Paul Levits wrote the accompanying text, whose thoughtful essays cover the company’s stories from each era of comic history.  If you want to read insightful prose about the company, from its pulp origins to its hopes about digital publishing, we doubt anyone can deliver better than a bona fide insider (who, by the way, finished his 38-year tenure with DC as President and Publisher).

If you’re familiar with Taschen’s XL roster of books, you’ll know that 75 Years of DC Comics will get the same exquisite publishing treatment (first-rate paper, quality jacket) that the company has become known for.  Suffice to say, you’ll be getting a lot of value for the $200 you’ll need to fork out for one (Amazon currently has it for $126, though).
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