50% Of The Balancing Barn Dangles Off A Slope

This is how you live on the edge.  We’re talking about the Balancing Barn, a perfectly livable house which dangles precariously off a shallow slope.

Granted, this would have been more fun when set up along the edge of a 100-foot cliff.  Still, it’s quite a sight to behold with half of the entire structure set up with nothing but air underneath.  No word on what will happen when an earthquake strikes, but we hope they have security cameras in the property to capture it – that’s like a guaranteed YouTube sensation.

Created by MVDRV and Mole Architects, the one-off creation is part of Alain de Botton’s Living Architecture projects.  It’s equipped as a vacation house in rural Suffolk, England and will actually be rented out beginning in October.  As such, they took pains to make sure it doesn’t end up as  a roadside oddity – designing the house to look like a traditional property when seen on the road and surrounded by trees on most of the sides.

The house itself measures 30 meters long, with a full set living spaces, including a living room, kitchen, dining area and multiple bedrooms with glass floors (so you can see the view below).   It’s designed to accommodate up to eight people.  If you’re wondering about the shiny exterior, they used reflective steel tiles, so that the house mirrors the colors of the environment surrounding it throughout the changing seasons.

Doors of the Balancing Barn open to guests beginning October 22.  You can learn more about it from the website below.

[Living Architecture via Dezeen]