Brighten Up Any Work Site With This 5,000-Lumen Big Ass Light Bar


No, this isn’t the kind of work light you’ll carry in a backpack pouch. Instead, the Big Ass Light Bar lives up to its name, combining a substantial size with an intense light output that will let you work even in pitch dark conditions.

Measuring 23.6 x 2 inches (length x diameter), it’s quite the big but reasonably portable work light. And, yes, you can grip it easily with one hand, so you can use it as a functional flash light in a pinch. Sure, you can’t carry in a pouch, but you can always throw it in the boot of the car, strap it down outside your backpack, or stick it in the expandable pockets on the sides.


The Big Ass Light Bar comes with a 5,000-lumen output – that’s equivalent to three 100-watt incandescent bulbs, ensuring it will can up any job site, whether you’re working in the garage, the basement, or the side of the road late in the night. It comes in an octagonal shape to both facilitate a secure grip and keep it from rolling when set down, all while allowing for several lighting angles for more versatile use.


A durable build lets it survive drops and a whole lot of pressure, with an IP66 rating ensures it’s impervious to water, dust, and particulates. The rechargeable and removable battery is rated for up to 48 hours on low (80 lumens) and one hour on high (5,000 lumen).


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Big Ass Light Bar. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $385.

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