6-Pack Frame Cinch Holds Your Beer While You Bike

An accessory for holding pike polo mallets on a bike frame is cool.  We’re guessing there’s not a lot of money when your market consists entirely of Bike Polo players, though.  Beer drinkers, on the other hand, are a whole other story, which is why this frame-attaching mallet strap is called the 6-Pack Frame Cinch, pimping its ability to hang a six pack while you pedal on the way home from work.

Peddled by Walnut Studio IO at Etsy, the rebadged accessory is still the same one designed to carry bike polo mallets (called the Bike Polo Mallet Cue Holder).  Except they did the thinking for all of us and came up with an alternative use that should make it just a lot more palatable to bike-riders disinterested in swinging at balls while propped up on the pedals.

The 6-Pack Frame Cinch is a leather accessory that winds around your bicycle’s top tube.  Before strapping it in, you can cinch it around the handle on a six pack’s packaging, allowing you to carry the night’s supply of beer without having to throw it on your backpack or, worse, hold it in one hand while you navigate the treacherous city streets.

Since it was designed for mallet cues, two of the accessories can be used to hold anything with a long and narrow body.  The product page suggests rakes and shovels, although we’re sure it can work for shotguns and broadswords, too (see, it’s useful even in a post-civilization apocalypse scenario).

You can check out the 6-Pack Frame Cinch at Etsy, where it’s currently selling for $22 apiece.