This Jacket Doubles As A Functional Mini-Cooler For Your Canned Drinks


Carrying a small and discreet soft cooler like the Barebones Pathfinder is a great way to bring a personal supply of drinks anywhere you go. But what if you want a small supply of drinks without having to carry an additional bag? Maybe you can leave the house wearing this awesome 686 Sixer Insulated Jacket instead.

When we hear the word “insulated jacket,” it usually refers to the garment’s ability to retain body heat, so you can stay warm and toasty even on the colder days of the year. In this case, however, the term seems to refer to the jacket’s insulated pockets, which you can use like mini-coolers to keep your refreshments chilled on-the-go.


The 686 Sixer Insulated Jacket has three front pockets, all of which are individually insulated to help keep your beer cool. You can keep two cans of beer apiece in each hand pocket in the lower section of the jacket, with support for both standard cans and tall boys, so you’ve got room to choose what you’ll be drinking for the night. The left chest pocket is also insulated, although it can only fit a standard can if you want to close the lid. All three pockets, by the way, come with Velcro closure. Do note, you’ll definitely want to use a slim profile freeze gel in there (if you want added cooling) because room is going to be tight. And absolutely no ice because you don’t want that kind of mess.

Aside from the insulated pockets, it comes with five interior pockets designed to hold more beers, albeit without chilling them. The four in the back can be accessed from a zipper on the right side of the jacket, while the one in the right chest area can be accessed via a vertical zipper on the right side of the jacket’s exterior. Basically, it’s a jacket that can hold a whole lot of beer in a moderately discreet manner. Seriously, if you have access to ice and cups where you’re going, you can just bring your own suds in this thing with its ability to accommodate up to nine cans.


The 686 Sixer Insulated Jacket, of course, isn’t just a vessel for your brewskies – it’s a pretty good jacket, too. It’s made with the outfit’s exclusive infiDRY fabric, which boasts waterproof and breathable qualities, all while getting insulation that’s suitable for use in light winter weather while being perfectly wearable the rest of the year. Seriously, even the hood is insulated, so this thing can keep you warm in moderate winter conditions.

Features include an adjustable powder skirt, a pant-jacket connection system for securing to your trousers, drawcord adjustment for the hood, and a thumb-wrist gaiter. It comes in two colorways: black with camo and a special PBR-themed variant. Yep, there’s a special Pabst Blue Ribbon version that comes bearing the beer brand’s colors, along with inner labels.

Want one? The 686 Sixer Insulated Jacket is available now, priced at $250.

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