7-Gallon Double Cooler Will Keep Your Drinks Cold Without Diluting It In Ice


Remember the On-Ice Beer Dispenser, which lets you chill your beer with ice without diluting it in water? The Double Cooler is, basically, the beverage cooler version of that design, allowing you to keep the juice, Gatorade, and any other beverage cold without watering it down in the process.

Instead of a single compartment for your drinks and ice, it comes with two separate sections: a main chamber for the drinks and a second chamber at the center for the ice. That way, the ice can keep the drinks chilled without getting mixed together, ensuring your orange juice still tastes like orange juice even after several hours out in the sun.


The Double Cooler’s main compartment can hold five gallons of beverage, while the central chamber can hold up to two gallons of ice. It comes with a lid that seals the ice chamber shut, ensuring ice cubes don’t jump out when moving it from one spot to another. Each of the chambers are connected to their own separate taps, too, so you can get chilled, undiluted beverage from the left spout and melted ice water from the one on the right. A drain on the lid allows you to quickly empty out the middle chamber once the ice has melted, making it easy to get an ice refill after the drink’s gotten a little too warm for your liking. Features include a size that fits most truck brackets, sturdy handles for easy gripping, and a bright color to enhance visibility.


Available now, the Double Cooler is priced at $119.95.


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