This 737 Cowling Chair Once Lived Its Life As Part Of An Airline Jet


We don’t know what happens to airliners once they’re retired and put to pasture. We guess, like cars, they’re also picked apart for parts in a salvage yard somewhere. And that’s a good thing. Otherwise, how else would Fallen Furniture make this awesome 737 Cowling Chair?

As the name implies, this lounge chair is constructed from a Boeing 737’s salvaged engine cowling, which was cleaned up and dressed up to be a fully-functional seating furniture. It’s gorgeous. Not to mention, absolutely ostentatious, making for the kind of chair you can picture a megalomaniacal supervillain chilling in while pushing a button that triggers a doomsday machine into operation.


Being made from a part right out of a commercial airliner, the Fallen Furniture 737 Cowling Chair is, naturally, monstrously-sized. Measuring 6.6 feet in width, height, and depth, it’s about as unruly a chair as you can ask for, creating instant logistical problems any time you bring one into the house. Granted, we’re guessing this thing is so expensive, you’ll have to living in a mansion to afford one. That’s actually perfect, because you’ll probably need a mansion-sized front door in order to get this in your house in the first place (not to mention, a mansion-sized living room to host it).


Features include a leather-upholstered interior, a high gloss finish to further raise the ostentatiousness, and a matching mirror-polished swivel base. It comes with a wide seat that should accommodate two people comfortably and three people uncomfortably.

Learn more about the 737 Cowling Chair from Fallen Furniture.

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