8 Bit Wood Makes Video Game Pixel Sculptures

Carving a Super Mario sculpture from a chunk of timber will net you a nice piece of video game décor.  Building one from scores of tiny blocks of wood, on the other hand, lets you fashion them like 8-bit video game graphics from your favorite retro titles.  Those are exactly the kind of figures that 8 Bit Wood creates.

An LA-based operation ran by a craft-makin’ video game developer, the outfit has put together a slew of flat-panel pixel art creations designed for mounting on walls.  Current roster include characters and objects from Contra, Ninja Gaiden, Adventure (that old Atari classic), Space Invaders, Mega Man and more, majority of which currently hang on the walls of Guitar Hero designers, Neversoft.

8 Bit Wood uses small blocks of wood, each one individually cut up and stained into a variety of finishes.  Like pixels, the pieces are then arranged together to form sculptures that resemble familiar items from your video games of years past.  Each block is individually glued by hand and sealed before displaying.

The biggest piece they’ve done so far?  A wicked-looking Duck Hunt mural, complete with the laughing dog, a broad-billed bird flying and another one in mid-kill.  A Punch Out setup is currently in the works, too, which will feature a  2,500-pixel life-sized version of Glass Joe.

None of the pieces are currently available to collectors, but 8 Bit Wood is in the process of setting up an Etsy page to begin selling some of the creations.  You can also get in touch if you want any custom characters done.  Pricing will, of course, vary.

[thanks 8 Bit Wood]