Of Course, You Can Buy An Ultra-Detailed 1/8-Scale McLaren P1 For £8,000


If you were rich enough to afford the McLaren P1’s seven-figure price, we guess you’re also rich enough to buy an £8,000 detailed replica that you can keep by your side as a constant reminder that you are rich enough to own a badass hypercar. We suggest picking up one of these 1/8-scale McLaren P1’s then.

Made by Amalgam Fine Model Cars, this faithful reproduction recreates every single detail in the original car, from the hand-beaten asymmetric bodywork to the cabin layout to the creases in the seat fabric. Seriously, the only thing they won’t recreate is the working engine because, you know, you’re buying a model, not a real car.


Thanks to a fusion of “exceptional craftsmanship” and “advanced model making techniques,” Amalgam’s 1/8-scale McLaren P1 replica is precise down to the last 0.1mm, ably reproducing every shape and curve in equivalent proportions. I mean, just look at the pictures – the amount of work it took to do something like that was downright impressive. Since there’s probably no way of estimating how many £8,000 model cars they can actually sell, the company is doing as a made-to-order, so you’ll have to wait a short bit after you plunk down the cash for one.


Price too rich? Of course, it is. If you’d like smaller, less-detailed, and more affordable recreations of the McLaren P1, the automaker has also licensed the same car to Hot Wheels, Scalextrix, LEGO, Maisto, and a bunch of 1/43-scale die-cast model makers, so there should be plenty of options to get your hypercar fix in toy form within the immediate future.

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