8Bitdo AP40 Lets You Use Bluetooth Gamepads With The Apple II


We’re big fans of the Retro Receiver, a wireless adapter that lets you use modern gamepads with classic consoles. This time around, they’re digging deeper into the past with the 8Bitdo AP40, a controller and adapter combo that lets you use those same gamepads for playing on classic Apple II and Apple IIc computers.

That’s right, personal computing pioneers who held on to their 70s- and 80s-era machines and kept them in functional form can now use modern gamepads to play Lode Runner, Thief, or… um… Oregon Trail on their classic microcomputers. We’re not sure how many of these machines are still humming in people’s basements and hobby rooms (much less seeing active use), however, which is why, we guess, 8Bitdo is going to Kickstarter instead of releasing it as a retail product like their other gear.


The 8Bitdo AP40 plugs into the Apple IIc, allowing you to play games on the computer using the bundled Apple-themed controller.  Like the Retro Receiver, you’re not just restricted to using the bundled gamepad, but any modern wireless controller, including those for next-gen game consoles. Aside from pairing with the receiver, you can also use the bundled controller for playing games on any computer or mobile device over Bluetooth, with an accompanying controller stand styled to resemble the original Apple II.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the 8Bitdo AP40. Pledges to reserve the full set starts at $85.

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