8Bitdo Ultimate C 2.4G Wireless Controller Makes The Outfit’s Xbox-Style Gamepad Even More Affordable

We’re big fans of 8Bitdo’s game controllers, which run the gamut, from wired retro gamepads and retro-modern fusions to fight sticks and ultra-customizable wireless controllers for modern systems. For many folks, the outfit’s Ultimate Controller is the pinnacle of their offerings, giving gamers a responsive Xbox-style gamepad at an affordable price. If you still want something even more affordable with the same Xbox button layout, though, the outfit just introduced the 8Bitdo Ultimate C 2.4G Wireless Controller.

Yes, it sounds like it’s the same thing. And, for the most part, it is. However, they did remove a number of elements to make the gamepad just that much more affordable, all while retaining all the primary functions, so you still get the same Xbox-style controls at an even lower price point.

The 8Bitdo Ultimate C 2.4G Wireless Controller is billed as a simplified version of the outfit’s Xbox-style gamepad, so it retains the same shape with extended grips on the sides, asymmetric analog sticks, and single-piece D-pad. It uses the same button switches, too, so everything should feel exactly the same as the popular Ultimate line of controllers. Basically, the controller remains unchanged as far as the basic functions go, which is all that really matters for a lot of people.

What they did remove, though, are the extras. Chief among them is the compatibility with the outfit’s Ultimate Software. That means, you won’t able to customize your gamepad with the same granular level of precision as the Pro and the Ultimate. You also won’t be able to remap controls for all your games via a single software, which can make things just a little tedious if you’re the kind of gamer who likes to change the control scheme to your liking each time out.

The 8Bitdo Ultimate C 2.4G Wireless Controller also doesn’t come with a charging dock, which should be a big reason for the reduced cost, opting to ship the gamepad with a charging cable instead, which should be fine for majority of gamers. They also omitted the paddle buttons in the rear, which makes sense since you can’t customize them with the Ultimate Software, along with the profile-toggling switch, which was available on the standard Ultimate controllers. It’s also no longer compatible with Apple devices, which some mobile gamers probably won’t appreciate. The rest of the features, however, are intact.

It gets the same 480mAh battery, which, in this version, can keep the gamepad running up to 25 hours of playtime between charges, about 10 hours more than the standard Ultimate 2.4GHz. The controller has the same turbo function and rumble motor, too, so you don’t lose anything on that end, along with a switch for X and D input modes.  It’s compatible with Windows 10 and higher, Android 9.0 and higher, Raspberry Pi, and SteamOS Holo 3.4 and above. That’s right, you can use it with Steam Deck, although we would have liked it if the accessory can work with the Switch, too.

The 8Bitdo Ultimate C 2.4G Wireless Controller is available now.

8Bitdo Ultimate C 2.4g Wireless Controller for...
  • Simplified version of the Ultimate Controller, offering the same ultimate quality