A Custom Side Table With A Custom Bookshelf

When we use “custom” here, we mean it.  This Custom Stacked Book Side Table isn’t only made to order, it’s literally equipped to handle only your specific set of books — no more and no less.

Made by Etsy seller Jane Dandy, the bespoke furnishing is basically a box with cutouts along the edge to accommodate books.  Not just any books, though.  It needs to be exactly the set of books the creator originally made them for and in the proper order since everything is sized to fit.

The Custom Stacked Book Side Table is a wooden piece of furniture whose measurements are made are made the moment you order and send in your books.  Yep, you have to send in all the books you intend to hold on it, so that the cutouts can be made to their precise dimensions.  While that, of course, makes it less functional than a side table/bookshelf you can pick up at Ikea, it looks very unique.  Suffice to say, there’s a good chance this is the first piece anyone notices when they walk into your bedroom (well, other than the pile of smelly underwear you’ve stacked beside it).

According to Dandy, the piece in the pictures is the very first one she created — with books representing “the years I spent studying architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area.”  This does sound like a great furnishing to have a theme with, especially if you have a favorite collection of books in a related subject matter.

Because of all the personalization involved, the Custom Stacked Book Side Table isn’t cheap.  Price is $1,800, plus another $400 for shipping.