A Life-Size Papercraft Honda NSX Race Car

Where’s the ideal place for a papercraft enthusiast to work?  Screw the art supply store and get yourself over to a printer manufacturer.  Why?  Because you can use office resources to build giant papercraft projects like this: a full-sized cardboard Honda NSX Race Car.

Devised by papercraft wizards under Epson’s employ, the piece doesn’t only replicate the original in size, but brings impressive detail too.  Sure, you can’t drive it like a real Acura/Honda NSX Super GT, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t trick passing strangers into thinking you have one parked in your garage.

Construction for the cardboard Honda NSX Race Car works  much like any regular papercraft project, with individual sheets printed, cut up and attached together.  The only difference is that they used giant printers and oversized cardboards for the thing, instead of the desktop machines you use for your own creations.

Epson posted PDF instructions for a smaller, 1:24 version of the papercraft race car.  Unfortunately, it’s in Japanese, so you’ll either have to know how to read the language or make clever guesses with the pictures.  Or you can just play Starcraft II, instead of torturing yourself, which is probably the smarter choice.

The cardboard Honda NSX Race Car showed up at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier in the year, with those photos above taken during the piece’s construction.  That Epson website, by the way, comes with instructions for a whole lot of papercraft racing cars, so if you can read Japanese and enjoy doing fancy stuff with paper, you’ve just hit the motherload.

[Epson via Jalopnik]