A Life-Sized, Realistic-Looking Blue Whale Kite

What will the world look like if those gigantic whales can soar through the air?   I’m guessing pretty awesome.  While we’ll probably never see that unless a new mad science forces all of Earth’s creatures to evolve, the Blue Whale Kite should give us a glimpse at magical that will be.

Made by New Zealand-based Peter Lynn Kites, it’s a giant kite clad in the form of a life-sized blue whale.  Not only is it dolled up like the cetacean mammal, it’s sized exactly to a whale’s authentic bigger-than-a-bus dimensions, so  it’s exactly how the skies will appear if whales can really swim up in the air.

The Blue Whale Kite comes in three sizes: midi (8 meters), maxi (16 meters) and life size (30 meters), approximating the different sizes a blue whale will go through from calf to full-blown adulthood.  Done up to resemble a real whale, it comes with fine details including folds over the eyes, ventral pleats, a blow hole on the back and even a small dorsal fin.  They designed the structure so it moves like a whale, too, performing a graceful swimming motion while hovering above.

Construction is double-coated ripstop nylon, so it should be plenty durable for serious kite-flying duties.  Unfortunately, the blow hole doesn’t actually fart spit any water, so it’s only 70% as awesome as it could really be.

Unlike many custom kites we see in the internet so often, the Blue Whale Kite is actually available for sale.  Price is $1,610, $4,645 and $7,340 (all NZD) for the midi, maxi and large sizes, respectively.



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