A Mini Folding Bike To Go With Your Mini Coupe

Your BMW Mini is cute.  And it’s awesome in traffic.  Know what’s even more awesome in traffic, though?  A bike.  And since you’ve got a Mini, you might as well get a two-wheeled pedal-pusher with a similar marque, like this BMW Mini Folding Bike.

A mechanical addition to the small car specialists’ range, the compact rider looks no different from the standard commuting vehicle of choice among your hipster neighbors.   Except this one’s got the Mini badge slathered all over it (we’ll let you fight over whether that’s good or bad), so it won’t feel too out of place being stored inside the boots of your Jaguars and Benzes during weekend drives to the lake house.

The BMW Mini Folding Bike is a collapsible bicycle intended for city riding, with a close-packed folding design that makes it easy to transport.  Folding is done along the crossbar and handlebars, with the saddle retracting and pedals turning in.  Going from compact to functional mode (and vice versa) can be accomplished in under a minute, with the whole thing fitting into a bag for easier handling.

With aluminum liberally used throughout the body (frame, fork, handlebar, stem and various other parts), the bike tips the scales at a light 11 kilos.  It features an 8-speed gear system, 20-inch wheels, Kinetix V-brakes, Selle Royal Gel saddle, a Teflon-coated chain and various passive lighting accessories.

Availability for the Mini Folding Bike is slated for August, both online and across selected Mini dealers.  Price is 499 Euros.

[via Autoblog]