A-Stand Turns PVC Pipes Into Ergonomic Laptop Stand


The sexiest laptop stand I’ve seen the whole year is made from…PVC pipes. Huh?

That’s right.  The A-Stand from AIAIAI Lab takes regular plumping tubes and fashions them into a hip-looking notebook accessory, managing to look more unique than any of the stands you can find at the shelves of your favorite computer store.

Based on a design by Dan Steingart, the cleverly-connected tubes feature a practical design that sits your laptop at eye level for better ergonomics.  No different in function than a regular laptop stand, it’s one you can probably put together by dismantling your own home plumbing.  Who cares about running water when you can make your work desk look cool?


Made up of three longer tubes, two shorter ones and six elbow joints, simply assemble them like regular plastic pipes to turn out a working laptop stand.  In case one of the water pipes in your basement breaks, you might even be able to use parts of it as a temporary replacement.  Now what other laptop stand can pull that off?

Too bad the A-Stand is not made of metal, cause you can totally take one leg and use it as an instant weapon.  Or a makeshift hammer.  Could have been triple the value right there.  It’s available in black, white and yellow for approximately $70.  No plumbing skills required.

[AIAIAI via Cool Material]