A24 Hot Dog Finger Gloves Lets You Grow Sausages On Your Hands Like In Everything Everywhere All at Once

No, we haven’t actually seen Everything Everywhere All at Once yet. Just like everybody, though, we have weirded ourselves out watching that clip of Michelle Yeoh having a meltdown about finding herself and everyone around her with floppy hot dog fingers. It was awesome and horrifying all at once. Now, you can bring that mind-melting mix of awesome and horror to your life with these A24 Hot Dog Finger Gloves.

That’s right, you can now look like a being straight out of a parallel universe where people have sausages for hands. Whether you want to reenact scenes from the movie, see how hard (or easy) it is to perform household chores with hot dog fingers, or just want to freak out your kids by putting your frankfurter fingers inside a bun, this thing lets you do all that and more.

The A24 Hot Dog Finger Gloves are, basically, a pair of gloves with fingers styled to look like brown franks. It’s made from latex, so it should be able to stretch to fit most adult hands, all while offering protection similar to the gloves you wear when doing some cleaning around the house. Sadly, that means it also tastes like latex, so your spouse won’t be scheming to gobble on your stubby fingers with mustard like that love scene Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis were watching on TV at the laundromat. Unless… you know… they have some weird latex kink or something. Hey, we’ve heard worse.

It only comes in one color, by the way, so you can’t exactly match it to your skin tone. However, we doubt anyone will notice because all their attention will be on those seductive sausage fingers.

The A24 Hot Dog Finger Gloves available now, priced at $36.

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