Aakkoset Bookshelf Organizes Your Things Alphabet-Style

Looking for a different home shelf solution?  While it’s far from the most efficient storage furniture we’ve seen (I mean, how many things can you really fit into an “S” shape), the Aakkoset bookshelf sure is original.

Designed by Lincoln Kayiwa, the piece comes with all 26 letters of the English alphabet carved right into the body, which you’ll be using as the actual shelving spaces.  It’s actually a pretty clever solution when you need to organize a few magazines, books or CDs alphabetically, since you can put each item on the letter corresponding to the first letter in its title.

Aakoset is made from medium density fiberboard (MDF), with the letters carved right through from one side to the other.  That means, you can access it both from the front and from the back, except all the letters look backwards when you’re on the wrong side.  Oh yeah, it should make for a fine stencil, as well, in case you’ve been wanting to spray paint the alphabet on your wall for the longest time.

It measures 165 x 185 x 40 cm and weighs 600 kilos.  Yep, it’s big and hefty, effectively ruling out potential use as a stencil for that mural you’re designing in the park.  Unless, of course, you’re willing to tax your back loading this thing onto a truck and back.

The Aakkoset bookshelf, which Lincoln says can function as either a shelf or a divider, is available for €15,092.   You can order it in black, blue, green, orange, red, violet, white or yellow.