Welcome to Cool Things. We’re getting started, but as you can see, we’ve got our groove mapped out pretty well. We got started in 2009 but before we get into all the excitement of telling everyone how cool our site is, and what exactly we offer to you, our esteemed audience, and future readers, we wanted to start off by giving you a big HELLO! And now we can introduce ourselves the right way.

This is CoolThings.com. We offer you everything cool, and make it our business to alert you to things that might have been cool twenty years ago, but are now secretly cool, as in Underground Cool. We also make it our business to bring you the Cool Things of tomorrow, we’re not trendsetters, but we’re definitely going to point out the people who are, and make big red arrows next to their heads. Most importantly, we bring you the Cool Things of the right now, stuff you might not know about, or maybe want to know a little more about, or things that your cousin from Kansas is doing, but just won’t give you the full 411 on. That’s the kind of stuff we bring you.

Coolness all around, and everything cool. So you might be wondering, well, how we came up with the idea, right? Well, you know how you have all those crazy RSS feeds piling up in your browser? Imagine if you could get all those cool news stories, cool product reviews, cool vacation information, and cool car stuff, piled into one smart, functional little package. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it? That’s the point of CoolThings.com. We blow the niche blog rules away, and replace them with sheer random awesomeness.

Our mission is to present everyone with something they can read about, talk about, and eventually spread the word about. We want to make it that much easier to find something cool, fast. We’re going to update you on a daily basis, with random Cool Things. Because that’s our job, and we’re working for you.

Prabhjot Singh

Founder/Senior Editor

CoolThings is a registered trademark and is operated by ADFAMOUS LLC.