Accordion-Style Toilet Roll Holder Lets You Bring The Paper Closer

Tissue too far from the toilet?  Not a problem with the Easy Reach Toilet Roll Holder, which mounts your fresh roll of wipes on an extendable arm, allowing you to bring it closer.

Designed to hook over your existing tissue holder, the contraption requires no difficult installation.  It uses an accordion-style extender that you can push or pull at will, eliminating the need to reach over uncomfortably, risking slips and back injury (hey, I’ve heard stories), after finishing the deed. I mean, can you really imagine having to go to the ER with a dirty bum?

The Easy Reach Toilet Roll Holder comes with two racks – one extendable and one that stays on the wall to hold your spare rolls.  Its outstretched arms can be folded back neatly when not in use, looking no different than a regular, wall-mounted toilet paper rack.

Personally, I’ve long been wondering why we don’t have more accessories that use classic accordion-style extensibility.   It looks ridiculously fun.  Imagine equipping this thing with a remote-controlled spring release, for instance.  Put a hidden camera in the bathroom and when your friends are using the toilet, trigger that thing and watch it smack them straight in the face.  Next Youtube sensation, anyone?

According to the retail page, the Easy Reach Toilet Roll Holder is actually designed for use by people with limited mobility, those for whom having to stretch across the room might actually be a serious inconvenience.  Of course, you can use it too, because you’re awesome.  It’s available for $17.95.

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