ACME Crates Doom Kit Is A Treasure Trove Of Apocalypse-Worthy Melee Weapons


While your everyday carry gear consists of notebooks, pocket knives, and other urban essentials, that’s likely to going to change once we’re in a post-apocalypse society.  I mean, why the heck will you walk around with a tiny three-inch blade when you can legally carry swords, spiked clubs, and other similarly nasty weapons? To make sure you’re ready for the EDC of the future, ACME Crates bundled a bunch of videogame-worthy melee weapons in their awesome Doom Kit.

A collection of some of the most popular melee weapons in history, it’s a veritable treasure trove of wild crap that people have used to maim, bludgeon, and slash each other to pieces over the years. Keep it under the bed and take it out when the eventual zombie, alien, or giant asteroid apocalypse ever comes to town, immediately arming yourself with badass tools to celebrate civilization’s fall.


The ACME Crates Doom Kit comes with common self-defense staples, like a baseball bat, a two-handed machete, and a double-bit throwing axe, so there are, at least, a couple items here you should be able to use without much of a learning curve. Ninja nerds should appreciate the two ninja swords, screw-shut nunchuks, and the rope with a grappling hook included in the set, all while getting plenty of mileage from the rest, which include a steel-spiked club, a mace with three steel balls, a 13-inch kukri, a leather bullwhip, a spied tire thumper, and a Vietnamese-style tomahawk. Everything is shipped in an authentic Czech 10 vz58 crate.

Available now, the ACME Crates Doom Kit is priced at $495.

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