ACPAD Turns Your Acoustic Guitar Into An Electronic Music Powerhouse


Do you enjoy supplementing your guitar playing with electronic sounds from your favorite music software? While you can split your attention between the six-string on your hand and a MIDI keyboard on the table, we imagine the ACPAD will offer a much more convenient solution.

A MIDI controller for acoustic guitars, it mounts right on the guitar’s face, giving your strumming hand access to a variety of controls without taking it off the instrument. That way, you can easily add beats, loops, and effects to your three-chord ditties (just kidding, we all know you can play five chords), putting the full power of a rich, full sound right on your instrument of choice.

The ACPAD has eight gold-plated pressure-sensitive touch pads that can be assigned to any digital instrument, effect, or sample, along with 19 preset buttons, two looper channels, and two sliders, making for a pretty generous MIDI add-on. During play, it can sync wirelessly to laptops and mobile devices via a USB dongle, so you can work the guitar without any extra wires hampering your mobility, although it can also function with a regular USB tether if you’re just practicing at home. The pad, by the way, adheres to the guitar surface using a suction mat, so you can easily detach it without leaving any residue.


Features include an onboard battery that allows for up to five hours of continuous play, a super-thin profile that makes it unobtrusive to your guitar playing, and a bundled PC software that allows users to edit their own MIDI data for assigning sounds. It can fit most full-size acoustic guitars, unless, of course, you have other gear already attached to it (e.g. a Shamp amplifier).


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for ACPAD. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at €249.

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