Say Goodbye To Color Gels: Photojojo’s Acrylic Flash Filters

Tired of shooting humdrum pictures?  Give it fancy color effects with the Color Lens and Flash Filters, a set of eight pocket-sized plastic filters that’s “more whoa-inducing than a double-rainbow.”  I don’t know about that.  Double rainbows make mountain men cry, after all.

Sold by Photojojo, the colorful set lets you add a color to the whole scene you’re capturing by putting one up over your lens.  You can also get selective by putting it over  your flash, allowing it to shine colorful light onto parts of your shots.

The Color Lens and Flash Filters are made from thick chunks of see-through flat acrylic with rounded edges, making them much more outdoor- and travel-friendly than flimsy color gels.   Each one comes with a hole drilled into one corner, so you can hook them on a keyring or your camera strap for easier handling.   Extremely portable, they measure 2.5 x 1.5 inches apiece.

You can use the sheets individually to color shots or combine filters for really unique effects.  The slabs won’t endow you with magical photography skills, so your shots will still suck, but this time, they’ll suck with dreamy colorscapes.  And that’s almost a good thing.

Photojojo’s Color Lens and Flash Filters sell for $15 a set.