This Global XRS 7200 Motorhome Looks Nicer Than Many Small Apartments


On the outside, the Action Mobile Global XRS 7200 looks like a battle truck, the kind a squad of soldiers will bust out of when conducting raids in the field. Instead of being a military vehicle, though, it’s a motorhome for global expeditions, so you can see the world aboard an absolute behemoth that’s equipped for absolutely anything. Seriously, this thing looks like you can drive it through a rubble and come out unscathed.

Rugged enough to drive through any terrain while comfortable enough to serve as your home on the road, it’s the kind of ride you’ll want to have when slumming it in the wild. Whether to experience the wild safaris of Africa, brave the cold in the Arctic, or just stay mobile while finding your way through the apocalypse, this thing is exactly the motorhome you’ll want parked around the corner.


The Action Mobile Global XRS 7200 is a 6×6 motorhome built atop a MAN truck frame, with a 700 hp diesel engine, all-wheel drive, a huge box-shaped camper, and more creature comforts than you had at your college dorm. It measures 31.8 x 8.1 x 12.4 feet and weighs 18 tons, making for a massive thing to take around, which is why it comes with a hydraulic lift in the back for carrying a motorcycle, in case you want to explore areas a monstrous truck just can’t navigate.


It comes with solar panels, a 20Ah lithium-ion battery bank, and a 5,000-watt inverter for powering your electrical appliances, with an integrated 190-gallon tank for all your fresh water needs. Inside, the camper is big enough to have separate areas for sleeping and lounging, boasting a furnished living area, a full kitchen, bunk beds, a bathroom, a washing area, and a full-featured entertainment system (40-inch HDTV, Apple TV media streamer, Bose audio system, satellite internet connection, wireless LAN, and NAS for keeping your multimedia content).


Pricing for the Action Mobile Global XRS 7200 starts at a whopping €850,000.

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