Action Trackchair Is An All-Terrain Wheelchair

Just because you’re in a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean you can’t hit off-road trails for hunting and outdoor adventure. An ATV could probably get you around.  If you prefer the functional design of wheelchairs over an ATV’s motorcycle-like stance, though, you’ll probably want to pick up an Action Trackchair.

While designed for the mobility-challenged, a wheelchair with tank treads will likely be just as attractive to everyone else who just don’t want to strain their feet slogging through mud, rocks and other rugged terrain.  I mean, imagine it — you’re comfortably seated with your body slumped peacefully on the backrest and your legs fully rested, all while you’re getting around in the beach, the forest or whatever other outdoor trail you’re hitting.

The Action Trackchair is a go-anywhere wheelchair sporting a pair of tracks measuring 6.5 inches wide and 90 inches long each.  Available in appropriate rugged colors (including camo), with optional gun racks and gun mounts, it’s literally how I’ve always imagined rugged wheelchairs will look like.  The seat is set at 23 inches high, with a tilting angle of 20-degrees both forwards and backwards, so it should be as comfy as more traditional wheelchairs (like our longtime favorite Speedster Wheelchair).

It comes equipped with standard wheelchair controls, so there’s likely no learning curve for users, either.  Unfortunately, the 24-volt DC motor only powers it to top speeds of 5 mph, with the battery providing a maximum 8-mile range.

Available in varying lengths (42- and 48-inches) and widths (from 33- to 43-inches), the Action Trackchair is available now, with prices starting at $9,000.