Active Wedding Ring Is A Safer, More Comfortable Wedding Band

Most men’s wedding rings are nothing more than boring, chunky slabs of metal. Even worse, they’re a total pain to put on over your bony masculine fingers. The Active Wedding Ring changes that, giving men a nuptial band that dudes and bros can actually appreciate.

Made by Jeff McWhinney, it’s a line of rings designed for active men that combines a low profile (grown men don’t want a blingy ring with large gems — unless they’re rappers or something) and a smooth cross-section, making them unintrusive when worn during your favorite masculine activities. Whether you’re hitting rep after rep in the gym, building a giant dome in the backyard, or climbing building walls with Vacuum Gloves, the ring never has to leave its spot in your finger to carry out any task comfortably.

The Active Wedding Ring features a locking mechanism that allows the band to loosen a bit for easily slipping over bony knuckles, then clasps snugly onto the finger once it’s in place. That means, no more buying slightly oversized rings, a potential culprit in various industrial accidents (think: wedding ring caught in dangerous machinery), like many men do. Plus, the locking mechanism makes for a cool novelty to show off to friends over rounds of beer and wings.

Construction is CNC-machined titanium, with custom options in stainless steel, mokume-gane, and high tensile platinum. Precious metals, such as gold, can also be used for the less structural parts.

Available in a variety of designs, the Active Wedding Ring retails between $825 and $3,750.

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