Acustio Silentum Uses A Freestanding Design To Let You Quickly Lower Noise In Any Room

Most folks use wall-mounted panels to reduce noise in a room. It works well enough. Problem is, they take time to set up, so you can’t just simply turn a room into a quiet space as soon as you need it. The Acustio Silentum offers a more flexible option.

Billed as a “standalone, sound-diffusing pillar,” it’s a freestanding rig that you can simply set down on any space that require a little quieting down, making it a more dynamic solution compared to your standard acoustic panels. Whether you’re turning a small conference room into a makeshift workspace while you wait for the new office to be finished, looking to reduce noise travel in a large space without installing ugly dividers, or just seeking out a way to reduce your children’s screaming while you try to work from the kitchen, this thing sounds like the perfect thing to add a side or corner section of a space.

The Acustio Silentum is, basically, a freestanding post with 18 individual acoustic class A panels installed around it to diffuse the sounds coming from every direction. According to the outfit, it’s ideally placed on corners, where it will prevent sound waves that travel along walls from reflecting, although you can, pretty much, experiment on how it works best, depending on the layout of the room.

It comes in two heights, 70 inches and 79 inches, so it makes quite an imposing presence in any room, especially with its wide selection of natural wool and synthetic felt upholsteries. The 18-panel ensemble can also be removed for mounting on walls or setting down on tables for those times you need a different solution than what a freestanding unit will deliver, making it a lot more versatile than other acoustic options.

The Acustio Silentum is available now.

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