AdapTable Is A Modular, Customizable Work Desk

We usually do all our work from one work table at home.  Need to type something up to send to the UK headquarters over the weekend?  Do it there.  Need to look over blueprints and take notes?  Do it there.  Want to cut out magazine pictures to make a vision board?  Dude, you’re cornier than One Direction singing a Jay-Z song, but do it there.  That’s kind of the reasoning behind the AdapTable, a work desk that you can quickly reconfigure to serve your needs.

Made by Mamikim & Co., it’s a customizable work table with multiple parts that can be repositioned or replaced depending on what work you’re going to do.  That way, you don’t need a second or third desk at home — just one and a bunch of replacement components for each of your tasks.

The AdapTable features a fixed center top that measures 35.1 x 8.3 inches long.  Protruding from its sides are slatted bars where you can insert A4-sized tiles to complete the full table top.  You can insert up to six different tiles, each one equipped with whatever you require for the job at hand.  Construction is black walnut for the top, powder-coated steel for the frame and brass plate for the bracings.

Current roster of tiles include one with a ruler panel (it has a ruler stuck across on end),one with  a cutting mat, one with a pencil holder and one with a notebook.  We’re not sure about the complete collection of available tiles, but making your own isn’t out of the question either.  I mean, just buy one of the blank tiles and you should be able to personalize it.  You know, like putting a tablet stand, cable pass-through, a small box of hand tools, a gun holster (just in case you’re fearing for you life while using the table or something) or whatever else you can dream up.  It’s really quite the versatile solution.

No pricing yet, but the AdapTable will debut at the 2012 London Design Festival where they’ll likely announce availability.

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