Addaday Ironman BioChair Delivers A Customized Therapeutic Massage From Head-To-Toe

What do you do after running an Ironman triathlon? Rest those muscles to help them recover, of course, and the Addaday Ironman BioChair vows to help you do just that.

A massage chair, it’s designed to help athletes recover faster and sleep better, allowing them to get the benefits of deep tissue massage without having to do any extra work. No need to handle tools or perform awkward poses on the floor – just plop down on the chair, get comfortable, and let it go to work.

Billed as a “total body recovery system,” the Addaday Ironman BioChair uses dynamic air compression, zero gravity inversion, and strategically-placed rollers to provide the deep tissue stimulation required to help your body recover. It covers the entire rear and sides of your body from head to toe, automatically delivering a targeted massage that soothes tired muscles and rejuvenates them, minimizing the aches that typically come after a long day of training and competition. What makes this different from your typical massage chair? From what we can tell, it’s one of the rare massage chairs that’s actually configured with athletes in mind, whose high-level of physical activity requires completely different care than your average individual. Plus, how many massage chairs have you seen that actually covers the lower extremities (calves and feet, in this case)?

For instance, the massage chair comes with “bio scan” technology, which actually maps your spinal curves, shoulder and hip girdles, calves, and arms before tailoring its settings to provide the correct type of therapeutic massage.  That’s right, it essentially offers a customized experience, rather than the usual pre-programmed settings that could end up being totally incompatible with your body type.

With the ability to scan your body, the Addaday Ironman BioChair can provide precisely-targeted myofascial release on the neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, calves, and feet with no need to make any manual adjustments, so you literally just have to sit down and enjoy the ensuing massage. Just in case you want special attention to be paid to a particular part of your body (e.g. your shoulders really hurt), there’s an intuitively-designed touchscreen remote that lets you manually direct where to focus its therapeutic massaging chops. Along with the massage, the chair simultaneously delivers therapeutic heat that increases blood circulation to help promote faster recovery and deeper relaxation.

It’s configured with a 150-degree zero-gravity angle that, the outfit claims, eliminates the compressive force of gravity. That means, you won’t feel any pressure pulling down at you while you receive your massage, making the whole experience feel a lot more relaxing. Like to get your massage with some sweet tunes playing? No need to get your home speakers involved, as the chair comes with integrated dual Bluetooth speakers, so you can just crank out your playlist right on the spot. The chair, by the way, measures 51 x 31 x 47 inches (length x width x height) and comes pre-assembled, so everything should work instantly as soon as you unpack it.

The Addaday Ironman BioChair is available now, priced at $2950.

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