Adhoc Canoe Folds Into Backpack For Storage

You’ve always wanted your own boat and it doesn’t even have a to be a fancy transparent kayak or even the folding kayak.  But you live in cramped two bedroom digs and have absolutely no place to store it in.  The Adhoc Canoe should solve that  problem.

Designed by Ori Levin, it’s a folding canoe.  And we don’t mean one that folds to fit into a car either for easy transporting, either — it can literally fold right into a backpack.  That means, you can take the bus or hitch a ride with a pair of seedy-looking characters, all while carrying a fully-functional canoe with you.  Impressive.

The Adhoc Canoe is a single-seater boat that weighs a light 9 lbs.  The hull is constructed from aramid, a heat-resistant synthetic fabric used in products like racing sails and bike tires, which wraps around the carbon fiber frame.   Locks at the corners hold the telescopic poles, which form the main structure, while the seat hangs from a cross brace right at the center.

When collapsed, the  Adhoc Canoe can be crammed into an included bag that measures a mere 5 x 9 x 28 inches.  That means, it will require storage space that’s barely more than a skateboard, all while being a fully-functional paddle boat that you can ride when the deluge of 2012 sets in (unless the aliens kill us first, of course).

While we doubt this will make for the comfiest and safest kayaking solution, the Adhoc Canoe looks functional enough to be a great boating option for those who don’t appreciate the hassles of owning a real canoe.  Unfortunately, it’s only a one-off for now, with no immediate plans for bringing to the market.

[via Designboom]