Adidas Adipure Trainer Copies Vibram’s Five Fingers For Indoor Workouts

Despite its odd looks, Vibram’s Five Fingers shoes has redefined outdoor training footwear for a lot of people.  But what about those folks who like to get their workouts while nestled inside airconditioned walls?  Well, Adidas got you covered with their Adipure Trainer.

Billed as “the first barefoot training shoe designed specifically for the gym,” the shoes still kinda look like Vibram’s patented runners.  Only with three stripes prominently plastered on it.  Instead of outdoor runs, though, this is supposed to serve you best while getting your heart rate up on a treadmill, squatting till you puke or practicing your somersault routine for the circus, as it keeps your feet close to the ground for optimal speed, balance and agility.

The Adidas Adipure Trainer is a barefoot-style training shoe that features independent toe separation and a quarter-inch minimalistic profile.  According to Adidas, the goal is to give you the natural barefoot feel (thereby, maximizing lower body gains during workouts), all while protecting the skin and providing traction as you  wreak havoc in the gym.

Vibram didn’t play nice back when Fila came up with a model that appropriated the Five Fingers design.  While Adidas found a clever angle with this “indoor trainer,”  we have a feeling Vibram’s not going to let this pass without a fight.  Or a lot of money.  Or giant gummi bears.  Supersized gummies make everything okay.

Adidas will be making the Adipure Trainer for both men (four colorways) and women (two colorways).  It hits stores this November, priced at $90 a pair.

[via HypeBeast]