If Your Kid Loves LEGOs, They’ll Love These Adidas x LEGO Sport Shoes

Sadly, the Adidas x LEGO Sport Shoes collaboration isn’t made from construction bricks. As such, kids can’t quite use it as a platform to build new LEGO creations. Heck, you can’t even stick those LEGO Dots in there, so there’s really not room for any customization. It is, however, a good-looking sneaker with a bunch of aesthetic elements based on the classic construction brick.

Designed for kids, the shoes look like standard trainers. You know, the kind of footwear kids will wear most casual days until they get old enough to figure out other kids will think they’re much cooler if they rock one of those overpriced Jordans instead. Except… you know… it’s got LEGO details all around, making it just that much more fun for kids who spend lots of time crafting models out of construction bricks.

The Adidas x LEGO Sport Shoes look like erstwhile normal sneakers, with a mesh upper, textile lining, and an ultra-comfortable sock-like fit, albeit with a few distinct elements that let you know it’s based on classic construction toys. It has a vertical heel counter and pull tab with two rows of LEGO studs lined up, although, from what we can tell, you can’t actually snap any of your construction bricks onto them. There’s also an extended toe cap that stretches halfway through the front of the shoe, with slight stud markings that provide a subtle hint of the footwear’s LEGO theme.

You know how the rubber outsoles in sneakers get groove patterns that deliver grip and stability? Well, they replaced those groove patterns with LEGO studs. Do they work as well to keep you from slipping in slicker surfaces? We’re not quite sure, but they sure do look gobs of fun whenever you put your feet up. Hopefully, they do deliver that grip, too, since you don’t want your kids slipping all over when they’ve got these things on.

The Adidas x LEGO Sport Shoes come in two variants: one for smaller kids and one more suited for bigger kids. To make it easier for smaller kids to slip in and out of the shoes, the model for smaller kids gets a combination of elastic laces and a Velcro strap on top of it, so they don’t have to spend any time tying knots and loosening them. That’s right, just peel off the Velcro, stretch the opening, squeeze your foot in, and snap the strap back on. Easy. The other version takes the exact same shoe design, albeit with the Velcro top strap taken out in place of more conventional laces. Both come in a variety of colorways, from more subdued black-and-gold to funky multiple-color models.

Aside from these trainers, the collaboration also includes comfy slip-ons, Dots-themed sneakers for smaller kids, and Ninjago-themed sneakers for older children. They also include a variety of apparel, from onesies and socks to shirts and joggers to hoodies and tights, as well as backpacks, water bottles, hats, and headbands.

The Adidas x LEGO Sport Shoes are available now, priced between $65 and $80.

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