New Adidas Nite Jogger Shoes will Keep You on the Move from Dawn to Dusk

Technology always pushes everyone forward, but people are still trying to keep up with fashion. In this modern era, the trend keeps changing and it is difficult for everyone to stay up to date with style. Adidas has paid tribute to six international cities including Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, New York, Paris and Shanghai and has come up with a design of cross-style patterns on its latest edition of shoes.


The new Nite Jogger Jet-Set edition shoes from Adidas have a striking pattern. Smashing the catwalk with your own style while putting this pair of sneakers means that you can rock the walk. These sneakers are suitable for walking during the night, especially if you like to move around the town during late hours.


The Nite Jogger shoes are designed for people that hit the gym or walk long distances. There are many designs to fit the taste of the buyer. These shoes are meant to be durable and striking at the same time. Some people find these sneakers unique, others don’t – but everyone will certainly find this series eye-catching.

These beautiful shoes come in three color variants namely Core Black, Hi-res Orange and Cloud White. They are one of the best midsoles to give joggers for a significant boost of energy. To match the tagged lines, there are also mini labels with city names on it that make the shoes really attractive.


Grab a pair of Nite joggers after making up your mind. You may want to try it out at the local showroom once to see how it looks on your feet before making a purchase. It might cost a little more than the other brands, but it is totally worth it. With extra comfort and high quality design, a little extra buck won’t hurt. Therefore you may buy one for the comfort it offers or for daily use or for making yourself feel great.

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