Shoes On Fire: Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Flames

Gaudy sneakers — you love them, I love them, the guy who lives around the block from me loves to make fun of them (but probably secretly loves them, too).  This new pair of Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Flames definitely hits the mark on the tawdry meter, with a full flame graphic jumping out of its tail.

Based around the same general concept as those two winged Jeremy Scott models, the footwear has flaps extending out of the back.  Instead of angelic flappers, however, the sneaker comes with burning flames (imagine an NBA Jam character who’s “on fire,” except it’s on real kicks you can wear).

The Adidas Jeremy Scott Flames is a high-top pair of sneakers with a full grain leather upper (including the flames) for comfort and durability.   Body is perforated for breathable comfort, with a textile lining and a solid black outsole.

Just like the Wings 2.0, the “leaping” flame graphic sprouts from the back of the heel (compared to along the laces in the original Wings).  Color is very flame-like, too — a gradual gradient of  light yellow to orange red is plastered on the upper, complete with similarly gradated laces.

As with previous Jeremy Scott collaborations, the Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Flames  is only sold at select boutiques worldwide, along with Adidas’ own online store.  It’s available now, priced at $200.

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