Adjustable Hot Sauce Lets You Customize Hotness On The Fly

When you like your hot sauce flaming like molten lava and the wife enjoys her spices mild, the solution is obvious: always pick up two kinds of hot sauce when shopping for groceries.  That is, unless you get your hands on Dave’s Gourmet Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce, which lets you adjust the mouth-scorching flavor every time you use it, depending on your respective pain tolerance levels.

How can a single hot sauce bottle dispense both a devilish tongue destroyer and a mildly warm  tingle?  By using the legendary magic voodoo pepper in the ingredients, of course.  That, or the bottle actually has two compartments that it mixes depending on which hotness level you decided to park the cap dial on.

As it turns out, the Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce does use the latter, so there’s no voodoo magic involved.  Instead, the bottle is separated into two areas, one containing nuclear-level tongue destroyers and the other extremely mild prissy-ass chili flavoring.  An innovative pump spray performs the mixing of sauces from the two areas depending on the setting you choose, right as you’re dumping it into your barbecued chicken wings.

Each bottle contains approximately 210 ml of the spicy vinegar-based condiment, whose ingredients include hot peppers, cane vinegar, and onion and garlic extracts.  Innovative and clever, it has won numerous awards for both the wizardly heat adjustment and its delicious taste.  Just not for magic voodoo pepper, since it has none – an utter disappointment.

Dave’s Gourmet Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce is available online now.
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