Adjustable Laptop Desk Makes For Affordable Standing Workstations

You want to add an adjustable platform on top of your desk, but they pay you too little to afford that fancy Kangaroo Workspace.  Here’s something that can do the job for much cheaper: the Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk.

Throw it on top of your regular table at work, slap your laptop on there and presto — you can now put your fat ass to work while standing to burn more calories.  Heck, you can even work on that product render while shaking your money maker if you’re up to it.  You can also lower it, of course, once you realize it’s much easier to work with your backside parked on that USB Cooler Cushion.

The Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk has a work surface measuring 16.5 x 10.8 inches.  Propping it up are two legs with three auto-locking push-button joints that can each roll a full 360 degrees and stretch to a height of 18.5 inches.  The structure can support up to 20 lbs., so it can hold even the heaviest laptops steady .

If you’ve got a wide reclining chair that you like chilling out on, this could make for a great alternative to simply plopping down a computer on your lap, too.  Plus, you can put eyes on the damn thing and make it look like an amphibious alien droid when you’re bored.  No really, it looks like a natural fit.

Thinkgeek has the Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk on stock, priced at $49.99.

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