Adv3nture Backpack Puts A Discreet Cooler Under A Regular Backpack


It looks like any rugged backpack for your outdoor adventures. And well, it is. Except, the Adv3nture Backpack also has a cooler compartment that keeps drinks chilled, allowing you to sneak in tastier and more refreshing drinks than the lukewarm water in your friends’ hydration bladders.

That’s right, it’s not just a backpack for carrying gear and it’s not just a soft-sided cooler for carrying drinks. Instead, it’s both those awesome things at the exact same time, making it easier to carry chilled drinks wherever it is you’re going with a backpack in tow, whether you’re hiking with friends, hanging out at the beach, or grinding it out for another day in the office.


The Adv3nture Backpack comes with a conventional zippered main compartment for holding all your gear, as well as a similarly conventional zippered laptop section right behind it. That means, you can use it much like any backpack, taking it to school, work, or any other destination, all while coming with a selection of features that should make it much more useful than any bag currently in your stash. Chief among that, of course, is the insulated and waterproof cooler section, which you can access from the bottom of the bag, allowing you to carry a bunch of chilled drinks along with the rest of your essential gear.

Want to sneak in some cold drinks to a game, so you don’t have to pay for overpriced beverages at the concession stand? Well, this bag should offer the most discreet option, with the darn thing looking like a regular backpack even after closer inspection (because, seriously, a backpack with a hidden cooler at the bottom doesn’t even make sense). Any time you want to bring chilled drinks along with a whole bunch of gear, this is, pretty much, the best option, unless you’re willing to carry more than a single bag at a time (or dump a small cooler inside your regular backpack).


The Adv3nture Backpack comes in two sizes: 15 liters and 30 liters. The smaller bag can fit a 15-inch laptop in the dedicated sleeve, all while accommodating up to six cans in the cooler compartment. The larger model, on the other hand, accommodates 17-inch laptops and holds up to eight cans at a time. Both bags come with a side pocket for a water bottle, a magnetic side pocket, storage paracord, a sunglass pocket, a sunglass loop, a phone pouch, an adjustable chest strap, a memory foam carry handle, and corrugated airflow foam to minimize sweating during hot days.


Do note, the cooler is much more discreet on the larger model, which puts the zipper for the insulated compartment at the very bottom, so make sure you pick that one, in case you’re buying this for discreetly carrying drinks. Both bags, by the way, come with reflective elements on both sides, making it easier to spot in the dark, which should make it useful in both the city and backcountry alike.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Adv3nture Backpack. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $79.

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