Adventure Mate Lets You Carry A Hatchet, A Shovel, And More Right On Your Waist


Hatchets, shovels, and similar hand tools are great to have around when slumming it in the wild. Problem is, hiking with that many tools in your bag isn’t the most efficient way to get around on the trail. Unless, of course, you can manage to combine a bunch of tools into one, as they do with the versatile Adventure Mate.

A five-in-one multi-tool, the contraption lets you have five useful survival tools for the outdoors, all while carrying nothing more than a compact hatchet-shaped holster. That bag’s profile is small enough that it can fit inside any backpack, all while strapping down securely on the exterior, so you can have it within easy reach the entire time. The best part, though, is it’s designed to clip onto your belt, so you can leave the bag at camp while still having the tool ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Do note, the whole set weighs 3.5 pounds, so carrying it on your waist will definitely add some noticeable heft.


The main tool in the Adventure Mate is a small hatchet with a head containing a blade on the business end and a hammer face on the opposite side, so you can quickly alternate between chopping wood and driving stakes on the ground. The blade is wide enough to make short work of hacking branches and other reasonably thick pieces of wood, while the one-inch diameter hammer face should pound nails and stakes on any surface with utter impunity.

Above the head sits a curved hook that you can use for pulling off stakes, taking out nails, and performing all sorts of prying tasks (including popping bottle caps), as well as allowing you to hang the tool on a hook when it’s not in use.  Remove the hatchet head and pull the shaft of the tool to reveal a 6.7-inch saw blade, which you can insert the other way around back into the handle to perform any precision cutting tasks you’re required to do in the wild. And, yes, you can reattach the axe head with the saw blade deployed, so you can have both tools on the ready at the exact same time.


The Adventure Mate comes with a spade head that you can attach in place of the hatchet. Just attach it to the shaft in place of the axe to give yourself a tool for digging fire pits, scraping mud, or slapping a bear in the face in the event of an emergency. The only downside is you can’t get access to either the saw or the hook with the shovel on, so you’re restricted to that single tool while it’s equipped.


It comes in two variants: original and premium, with the former coming in a stone washed black finish while the latter gets a hand-polished silver-like coat. Both are constructed using high-quality rolled steel with less than five percent chromium content to ensure durable function for many years of use, as well as protect against corrosion.

The Adventure Mate is available now.