Enjoy Immersive First-Person Flight POV For Cheap With This Aerix Vidius VR Drone


Remember the Vidius Drone, that tiny quadcopter that let you stream fun flight videos without the exorbitant cost of regular drones? Yeah, it’s awesome. Well, it just got better with the Aerix Vidius VR, a new version that comes with a VR-style headset for piloting your drone with an immersive first-person view.

Still the compact little UAV, it measures just 1.7 inches in length and width, allowing you to maneuver into tight spaces other drones just can’t reach. Granted, that tiny size also leaves it susceptible to being blown away by wind, so it’s strictly for indoor settings and relatively wind-free outdoor environments.


The Aerix Vidius VR now comes with a pair of VR googles that use your phone to provide an immersive first-person view of the drone’s periphery, along with a 2.4 gHz controller for flight operation. While the drone remains the same in a lot of ways, they do throw in an altitude assistance module that uses sensors to help prevent the drone from going too high or too low than the desired height, an improved blade guard for better durability, and a headless mode for easier directional orientation.


Like the original, it streams 480p video in real time (albeit with an improved wide-angle camera), apart from boasting a 360-degree rotational yaw for easy orientation adjustment, six-axis gyro stabilization, and three speed settings. It comes with a rechargeable battery rated at up to seven minutes of flight time.

Now available for preorder, the Aerix Vidius VR is priced at $75.

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