Aerobed Pakmat, An Inflatable Mattress That Compacts Into A Handy Cylinder

Your air mattress might be handy and functional, but can it fit inside a canister?  We’re guessing not, unless you’ve got an Aerobed Pakmat, a cleverly-designed camping mat that can cram inside the included air pump when deflated.

Shown off during this summer’s Outdoor Retailer event, the air bed brings unusual levels of portability that let you haul an inflatable sleeping surface while bringing nothing but a 19 x 4.75 inch (h x d) canister that also doubles as the pump.  An integrated handle lets you carry it even without a bag, allowing you to come to work with a discreet sleeping bag in tow.  Just make sure to lock the stock room when you inflate it inside for the afternoon siesta.

The Aerobed Pakmat measures 78 inches long and 26 inches wide, making for a comfortable bed that you can unfurl just about anywhere.  Made from phthalate-free polyester material (to satiate your eco concerns) with an internal horizontal channel bed construction, it claims to deliver the feel and comfort of thicker airbeds, despite its paltry-sounding 5-inch height.

Bed can inflate in just one minute using the cylindrical pump with no batteries or external power source required.  Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s been built to withstand extreme temperatures using heavy-duty materials.

Sure, the Aerobed Pakmat is far from a looker, but the compact storage capability means it never has to get in the way.  They’re selling it for $99.99.  Added bonus: the entire bed crammed into the pump should weigh a little over 5 lbs, so you can probably use the assembly as a makeshift kettlebell if you need to do a few bicep curls first thing in the morning.
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