AeroBull: Is This The Most Adorable Speaker Ever?

Chances are, you really don’t need another iPod speaker dock.  At the same time, the AeroBull isn’t about something that you need. It’s about something that you’ll want.  And, darn it, how can you say no to this adorable thing?

Made by Jarre, it’s an iPod/iPhone speaker clad in the impossibly cute form a bulldog wearing a pair of sunglasses, with a Lightning dock sitting right on its head.  That’s it.  While that description sounds lame, the execution definitely isn’t — a quick glance at the darn thing’s adorable pictures makes that clear.  It’s a bulldog with sunglasses and an iPhone standing on its head! Awwww….

The AeroBull is a high-def speaker armed with two 2.25-inch satellite drivers, a 5.25-inch subwoofer, and 100W of total power.  It’s got Bluetooth for wireless streaming, NFC for quick pairing with mobile devices, and 3.5mm line in and line out for tethered connection with other devices.  All those details, of course, come secondary to the main selling point here, which is the unforgivably charming bulldog with its large head, clenched jaw, and flat face.  Add a little drool in there and you can kill people with utter cute overload.

Construction is chrome-plated ABS with a shiny finish in either red, black or white.  Equally as adorable as the main speaker, by the way, is the bundled remote, which comes in the shape of a bone to complete the whole canine theme.

The catch?  The Aerobull is expensive as heck, priced at €999.

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