You Can Take The GolfPod From The House To The Airport To The Golf Course


You know you’re rich when you spend three days a week in the golf course and still make enough money to keep up a one-percenter lifestyle. And when you’re that rich, it’s not unlikely you’ll want to bring your prized clubs to play at courses outside of your immediate domain. Problem is, golf clubs aren’t the easiest things to pack. At least, that was the case before the GolfPod.

Made by Aeroe, it’s a hard-shell golf bag that you can use to ferry your clubs around the course. Unlike other bags, though, it’s also meant to serve as a secure travel bag for your clubs, so you just retrieve it from the closet, attach the lockable travel cover, and tow it down to the airport. No more purchasing an additional travel case for your golf bag – the same bag you use on the course can now do that all on its own.


During travel, simply put on the Aeroe GolfPod’s thermo-formed travel cover to turn it into a fully-enclosed and lockable travel bag. It boasts TSA-approved flat key locks to ensure hassle-free inspection, 25 percent less volume than traditional golf travel bags (it can be retrieved on the regular baggage claim carousel), integrated alloy wheels for conveniently towing around like rolling luggage, and a durable, waterproof hard-shell case to protect the clubs from damage during transit.

During play, you use it much like a regular golf bag, with a form sized to fit onto powered carts and pushcarts (or even a GolfBoard), as well as an open top for easy access to your clubs from the 14 individual full-length silos. It also comes sporting fold-out side compartments for balls, tees, and accessories, as well as an extra 18-liters of internal storage for holding drinks, snacks, and any accessories you want to bring along. Heck, there’s even an umbrella well if you need one.


Originally a Kickstarter project from last year, the GolfPod will be available commercially in the Fall, priced at $599.

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