Aeropress Go Travel Brewer Collapses Into A Single Mug For Maximum Portability

We’re big fans of the Aeropress, which has, in the past decade, become the de facto standard for making coffee on the go with its combination of affordable price, compact size, and brewing chops. After a decade and a half, the portable brewer finally gets a follow up in the form of the Aeropress Go.

That’s right, there’s a new AeroPress in town and it works… well… just like the old one. Which is a good thing because that darn thing brewed coffee like a boss. This time around, though, they revamped the design such that the whole thing is more portable than ever.

The Aeropress Go levels up its portability by making all the components nest inside a single mug, all of which are secured in place by a handy lid. That’s right, you can now have yourself a full-fledged brewing tool while using the same space a coffee mug will take up on your pack – a big step up from the bottle-sized dimensions of its predecessor. Despite the compact size, it can brew up to 15 ounces of coffee at a time, which should be enough to satiate the craving of any caffeine-starved individual hankering for a serving.

To use the brewer, start by removing the lid and taking out all the individual parts. From there, take the cap, add a micro-filter onto it, and attach it to the bottom of the chamber. After that, place the chamber on top of the mug, add a scoop (or more, depending on your preference) of ground coffee in the chamber, add a small amount of hot water (just enough to reach the “1” label on the chamber), and stir for 10 seconds. From there, you place the plunger into the chamber and apply pressure until the plunger is fully inside. Once that’s done, remove the chamber from the mug, pour more water to dilute the concentrated brew, and enjoy. According to the outfit, brewing should take no more than one or two minutes.

As you can tell, the Aeropress Go still works exactly the same as its predecessor, allowing you to make all the same brewing recipes that you can with the older model. Do note, the 15-ounce capacity is slightly less than the 16 ounces of the original, so you will have to vary slightly to compensate for that. The included case, by the way, can hold 20 micro-filters at a time, so you should be able to pack enough to do multiple brewing sessions. Just make sure to refill it every time, so you never run out (it comes with 350 out of the box). And yes, it uses the same micro-filters as the original Aeropress, so if you still have those, you can use them here.

Construction, by the way, is food-safe polypropylene, with the lid and plunger seal cut in silicone. Oh yeah, the mug is microwavable, in case you need to reheat the coffee for whatever reason.

Want one? The Aeropress Go will come out at the end of October. Price is $31.95.

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