Aeropress XL Upsizes The Portable Coffee Maker To Let You Make Two Cups In One Go

Aeropress has long made some of the best portable coffee makers out there, whether it’s the original Aeropress or the more compact Aeropress Go. As great as it is, you have to admit, having to make one serving at a time can be a problem when you’re hanging out at camp with a few folks. That’s why the new Aeropress XL makes it just a little bigger.

Billed as the outfit’s largest coffee maker ever, the new contraption doubles the capacity of the original Aeropress, allowing you to make two cups of the good stuff in one go. We know… two cups isn’t much when you have four people in your group, but doing two rounds on the coffee maker instead of four to get everyone in the group caffeinated is still a welcome improvement. More importantly, it does that while still maintaining a reasonably portable size, allowing it to remain viable for taking on the go.

The AeroPress XL retains the same general design as the coffee maker’s previous iterations, so it applies the same principles of immersion, aeration, and pressure, albeit in a bigger size than before. Instead of a small mug, it comes with a clear carafe that can fit two cups of coffee at a time, while the main cylindrical chamber and the plunger are both taller than those on the coffee maker’s predecessors. And yes, making coffee works the same way as before, except this one allows you to put twice the amount of water (and twice the coffee grounds), so you can make more coffee in one go.

To make coffee, you start by taking apart the whole thing, then putting a micro-filter on the cap and placing it at the bottom of the main chamber. After that, you secure the main chamber on top of the carafe, put in your coffee grounds, throw in your hot water, and stir (you can also steep afterwards if that’s your thing). From there, you put the plunger into the chamber and apply pressure until it’s pushed all the way down to extract the coffee, which should now be on the carafe. From there, you can add milk, ice, or whatever else to the carafe to get yourself two servings of your favorite coffee beverage.

The AeroPress XL can make 20oz of coffee at a time, which is a big upgrade from the 8oz outputs of both the Go and Clear models. According to the outfit, it should produce up to six espresso shots or two standard cups of coffee, although we know a few caffeine fiends out there who can probably use this for their own version of single-serve coffee. Yeah, that’s a lot of coffee. Do note, this doesn’t pack neatly the way previous versions of the Aeropress did, so you won’t be able to carry it as one unit (the chamber won’t fit inside the carafe), so you’ll have to carry the collapsed coffee maker and the carafe separately.

The Aeropress XL is available now.

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