Posable, Donut-Shaped AeroTwist Just May Be The Nicest-Looking Portable Speaker We’ve Seen


There’s an innumerable amount of mobile Bluetooth speakers in the market, nearly all of them coming in a similar bar or cylinder form factor. We won’t say we’re bored, but it’s simply hard to care. While a donut shape is the last thing we thought we’re going to find interesting, the AeroTwist has definitely changed our minds.

Made by Jarre (those same guys behind the adorable AeroBull), the portable speaker features a size and shape that best resembles a donut, so it’s just as easy to carry in one hand while sipping a cup of coffee on the other.   Fortunately, they didn’t finish it to look like it’s glazed in chocolate or covered in confectioner’s sugar, opting to deck it in a chrome-plated skin with snake-like patterns.


To make carrying the AeroTwist easier, it comes with a body that twists down the middle, enabling it to separate on one side for mounting onto your bike’s handlebars, your messenger’s strap, or even your wrist (fit depends on your wrist size, of course). The twisting action also allows you to alter the speaker’s asthetics, allowing you to pose it like a snake while it sits on the living room shelf. It features four 36mm drivers and 18W of total power, with the ability to stream your music over Bluetooth or via a 3.5mm connection. A built-in mic allows it to be used for hands-free calls, with the onboard battery able to power it for up to 10 hours of playback. It measures 12 x 22 x 22 inches (h x w x d).


Available now, the Jarre AeroTwist is priced at €329.

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