Afterheels Saves Your Tired Feet From A Night Of Wearing Heels

Men are programmed to think of women with long hair, tight dress and tall heels as hot. Even if you look like that Snooki Smoosh Smoosh monster from South Park. We're not sure if that's the reason why women continue to wear uncomfortable heels, but they do. And they will for the foreseeable future. So what does a woman do when the agony of the stilettos they have on becomes unbearable? At certain UK hotspots, you can simply hit the corner vending machine and buy yourself a pair of Afterheels shoes.

As the name implies, the new footwear is intended to be worn as post-heels comfort shoes, giving your feet the rest it needs after hours of torturous elevation. Of course, you'll have to carry your heels around after deciding to give up on them for the night, but, at least, your feet are no longer stifled.

The Afterheels shoes are ballet-style flats, designed to deliver comfortable wear and ample protection, all while coming in a variety of styles and colors. Not only can you get them from vending machines (for relief in a pinch), you should be able to fit them into most handbags, too, allowing you to always be ready with one in case the heels get a tad too uncomfortable.

It has a waterproof outer layer and is made from a natural material that can biodegrade at the same rate as an oak leaf (since, let's face it, this isn't a pair of shoes you're likely to keep for the long haul). For comfortable wear, it has a protective flock-lined insole.

Afterheels vending machines are currently installed at clubs and bars around Birmingham, Cambridge, Leeds, Nottingham and Sheffield. You can also get them directly from the manufacturer online. Price is a modest £5 (US$8).