Aftermaster Pro Remasters Your TV’s Audio On The Fly For Clearer Dialog, Less-Jarring Sound Effects


When watching TV, it’s not uncommon to grab the remote several times to adjust the volume, since there are moments of dialogue where the sound just seems so soft and moments of action where the noise just reaches jarring levels. It’s an annoying chore we frequently put up, whether you’re watching your 700th episode of Law and Order, a Michael Bay action movie, or a binge-worthy series you recently discovered on Netflix. The Aftermaster Pro was made to eliminate that problem.

Sure, you can get a soundbar or a more elaborate audio system to level the sound properly. If you have a TV with terrific speakers, though, then this thing lets you put those built-in blasters to use by fixing the audio, ensuring it’s neither too soft nor too loud in parts for a more satisfying viewing experience.


Billed as an “audio remastering device,” the Aftermaster Pro consists of a compact box that sits between your content source and your TV, automatically adjusting the sound of whatever you’re watching as it’s passed on from the former to the latter. To use, simply plug in your audio source (whether it be a Fire Stick, a Chromecast, or some other product) to the device via HDMI and hook up the device to the TV. From there, you just sit back and enjoy any program that you want with clear dialogue, bigger sound, and controlled peaks for all special effects, so you never find yourself clamping down on the volume button to avoid waking up your kids during an explosion scene again.

According to the outfit, the device can dramatically transform the quality of sound for any program you’re watching, providing viewers with an immensely more enjoyable experience. It does that using algorithms that automatically remaster audio on the fly, raising the sound of dialogue when it’s too soft, lowering the peaks of explosions and background sound when it gets too loud, and making sure everything you’re supposed to hear comes through in a clear manner.


Do note, the Aftermaster Pro performs all the remastering necessary all on its own, so if your TV comes with various audio software onboard (e.g. SRS TruSurround, Dolby Audio, and all that), you will have to turn them off, so they don’t perform any additional processing to the sound. We mean, what’s the point of remastering the audio only to have your TV remaster it to something else before playing? Yeah, definitely make sure all additional processing is turned off. Same should be true if you’re using a soundbar with your TV, since it’s very likely the compact speaker is already performing some form of remastering on the fly.


Oh yeah, the device doesn’t come with its own remote, so you’ll have to switch sources by manually pressing a button on the machine itself. That means, you’ll have to get up from the lazy pose you have taken on couch, which, honestly, is a good thing, since you could probably use as much exercise as possible.

The Aftermaster Pro is available now.

Aftermaster AMP-V1-BLACK Pro
  • Experience audio that is bigger, clearer, fuller and vastly more enjoyable