Check Out Agabag’s Crazy LEGO-Covered Handbags


We’ve seen LEGOs used to build a whole load of custom projects, from guns to strip clubs to life-size drivable cars. Agabag, however, plays with the construction toy another way, using LEGO bricks to adorn their surprisingly-stylish collection of handbags. Seriously, bags made with LEGOs can look this good?!?

No, they don’t just build LEGO boxes that look like handbags. Instead, they start with an actual satin bag as a base, which they then cover with dozens upon dozens of bricks. The types and colors of the bricks, along with any additions, will vary depending on what design they want each bag to have, allowing for plenty of potential configurations.


Agabag’s Handbags come in a variety of sizes (including oversized ones), although the standard clutch bags measure 23 x 10.5 x 2 cm. The bricks are attached using adhesive both to the satin fabric and to each other for maximum hold, with the bags still retaining their flexibility even with the tiles in tow. Features include a satin fabric that matches the primary color of the brick design (so everything looks properly coordinated), a small pocket inside for business cards, LEGO brick closures, and an accompanying custom dust-protection pouch.


The best part? Since the bricks are fully laid out already, the bag can be easily customized by connecting more bricks onto the bag’s tiles similar to products like the Brik Case, allowing you to change up its looks when you chance upon an idea for a cool design.


Pricing for Agabag’s LEGO handbags start at $180.

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