Agawa ADK26 Can Transform From Hatchet To Axe And Back

An axe is a great tool to have during hikes and camping trips, as it gives you a handy blade for various chores you’ll encounter in the outdoors. Problem is, it’s too darn big, which is why most people prefer to carry a much smaller hatchet instead. While hatchets are great for their one-handed utility, their short handles mean there are some jobs that are way too tough for them to handle. That’s why the Agawa ADK26 has a modular design that lets you turn a short hatchet into a longer axe.

That’s right, it’s a hatchet with a handle extension that turns it into a proper axe, with enough gripping surface to properly handle using two hands. Use it in hatchet for small chopping jobs that can be done using one-handed strikes, then switch to the longer axe form factor when you need to do more intermediate tasks, like cutting off thick branches and splitting thick log.

The Agawa ADK26 starts off life as a hatchet with an impact-modified nylon 14-inch handle that’s reinforced with glass fiber and a 5160 carbon steel head, which is drop-forged, hardened, and covered in a black oxide to keep it protected from corrosion. The axe head is equipped with a Scandinavian-style edge that, the outfit claims, will allow you to carve with precision, with shaped side sections that have been optimized for potent log-splitting performance. Opposite the blade is a flat hardened pommel that you can use as a hammer out in the backcountry.

A 12-inch extension comes with the axe, which you can snap directly at the end of hatchet’s handle. Built-in stainless steel spring wire clips engage to keep the handle into place, ensuring the two parts stay together even during wild swings and hard impact. Can you trust it to stay intact? According to the outfit, the clips can withstand a pulling force of over 1,500 pounds, so… yeah… these things should hold fast even when performing serious chopping jobs. In axe form, it measures 26 inches in length.

The comes with a full-grain leather sheath that you can use to protect the axe head’s blade during transport, with a built-in pocket sized to hold a pry tool that you will need to unhook the wire clips when separating the two parts of the axe’s handle. There’s also a cordura sheath designed to fit all of the axe’s components, allowing you to stow both the hatchet and the extension handle in the same place.

So yeah… this tool, basically, gets you a functional axe that takes up the same space as a hatchet, making it an excellent option for folks who want the utility of the two-handed chopping tool while saving space in their pack. Is it better than a traditional axe with a wooden handle? Probably not, but the connection definitely looks sturdy enough to facilitate proper axe functions, so it’s definitely worth considering in you want to bring an axe to the outdoors.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Agawa ADK26. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $170.

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